Genie - ZX-135/70

Genie - ZX-135/70
Genie - ZX-135/70
Genie - ZX-135/70
Genie - ZX-135/70
Stock number P1493
Manufacturer Genie
Type ZX-135/70
Production year 2017
Capacity 0 KG
Extra Manufacturer: Genie
Typ: ZX-135/70
Building year: 2017
Fuel: Diesel
Working hours: 3.500 h

Working height maximum: 43.15 m
Horizontal reach max - riser extended: 18.03 m
Horizontal reach max - riser retracted: 21.26 m
Up and over maximum riser extended: 23.01
Up and over maximum riser retracted: 9.91 m
Below ground reach: 5.87 m
Width - axles retracted: 2.49 m
Width - axles extended : 3.94 m
Wheelbase - axles retracted: 4.11 m
Wheelbase - axles extended: 4.11 m
Ground clearance - center: 0.38 m

Lift capacity: 272 kg
Platform rotation: 160°
Vertical jib rotation: 110°
Turntable rotation: 360° continuous
Turntable tailswing - axles extended riser up: 0.81 m
Turntable tailswing - riser down: 4.29 m
Drive speed - stowed: 4.8 km/h
Drive speed - raised: 1.1 km/h
Gradeability - stowed: 45%
Tires: Outrigger 445D50/710 (60%) Foam-Filled
3.66 to 6.1 m Jib-Extend
Proportional joystick controls
Drive enable
AC power cord to the platform
Positive traction 4WD
Two speed wheel motors
Four wheel high angle steer
Four steering modes: front, rear, crab and coordinated
Four wheel brakes
On board full diagnostics and engine monitoring display
Platform Load sense system
Lift Guard Contact Alarm

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