Liebherr - LTM 1040-2.1

Liebherr - LTM 1040-2.1
Stock number P1454
Manufacturer Liebherr
Type LTM 1040-2.1
Production year 2007
Capacity 40.000 KG
Hours 13.109 Hours
KM 97.000 km
Tyres 16.00R25
Engine carrier MB OM 904 LA
Drive 4x4
Transmission ZF Lastschalt-Wendegetriebe
Boom 35 m
Jib Boom 9.5 m
Hookblocks 3 sheaves & baby block
Counterweight 6.5
Extra - Telma
  1. Wheels Removed and repainted, rear light panels removed and galvanized LED marker lights fitted
  2. New right hand joy stick and vibrator fitted
  3. New hoist counter (pulse generator)
  4. New directional control block (ground control)
  5. New Turbo, Actuator and associated gaskets fitted
  6. OSF rigger support ram replaced with OEM new (Liebherr)
  7. NSR half shaft hub oil seals fully replaced with OEM new (Liebherr)

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